condo commando

1. A condominium resident who diligently watches for and reports violations of building rules and regulations. 2. A politically active person who campaigns within or lobbies for the condominium in which they live.
Example Citation:
1. During this trying time, many people want to show their patriotism by displaying the Stars and Stripes. However, the condo commandos have resurfaced, telling residents that the flags are not allowed.
— Mark Bogen, "Old glory can be displayed," Sun-Sentinel, September 30, 2001
2. During a reception at the Governors Club at the end of his capital campaign day, McBride told of meeting a man in Broward County who was the acknowledged kingmaker for the area's "condo commandos" — the elderly voters who take Democratic politics very, very seriously.
— Bill Cotterell, "Some voters really want to discuss weighty matters," The Tallahassee Democrat, September 9, 2001
Earliest Citation:
1. I represent a new board of directors of our homeowners association, elected to office in March. Our main problem is that previous boards of directors have been lax about enforcing certain rules and regulations, e.g., trucks parked on the property, pets unattended, for-sale signs posted in windows, etc. We are trying to enforce these rules in a reasonable manner and are meeting resistance. Our problem is how to enforce the rules in a consistent manner. We are not and don't want to be "condo commandos," policing the area day and night.
— Jack R. Holeman, "Authorizations for condominium entry should be exact, timely and binding," Chicago Tribune, August 24, 1985
2. Mrs. Ackerman and her ''condo commandos,'' Mondale volunteers who work with her, prowled the poolsides and corridors of the huge apartment blocks this weekend, distributing ballot cards instructing elderly voters how to cast their votes for Mr. Mondale.
— William E. Schmidt, "Retired voters wavering in Florida," The New York Times, March 12, 1984
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